Empowering Death Row Exonerees To Tell Their Stories

June 29, 2012

Ray Krone was wrongly convicted and sentenced to die because of an expert witness on bite mark evidence. Despite the fact that Ray had an alibi, and that the other evidence at the crime scene did not point to him, the jury was swayed by this so-called expert.

What the jury did not know, however, was that the prosecution paid this expert around $50,000, ten times the total amount Ray had to defend himself. He spent 10 years in prison before his conviction was finally overturned.

Ray Krone’s story is not unique. Despite the checks and balances of our legal system, something is clearly wrong when 140 innocent people have been sent to death row since 1973.

Ray Krone was the 100th of these exonerees, and he tells his story in this video, introduced by Danny Glover, which is preceeded by a description of the One for Ten project that produced it. Amnesty International strongly supports One for Ten, which will create more films like this, helping more people who were innocent but faced execution share their stories with a worldwide audience.

Let the folks at One For Ten know what you think and who you think they should interview next – on Facebook, Twitter, or on their website.