Celebrate Amnesty's Birthday on Facebook and Twitter!

May 26, 2011

Amnesty members show their support on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy birthday to us!  And by us we mean YOU — Amnesty activists, members and supporters.

On May 28, 1961, Amnesty International was born. On that day, we didn’t know a simple idea — people should not be jailed for their beliefs — would spark the largest, most powerful human rights movement of our time.

Join the birthday party and celebrate 50 years fighting for justice by adding the Amnesty candle to your Facebook or Twitter profile now!

Then on Saturday, May 28, 2011 join us for a virtual Toast to Freedom.  Amnesty members from around the world will be sharing what freedom they value most (e.g. ‘I am free to vote’) on their blogs and social networks.  If you’re on Twitter use hashtag #tofreedom and follow the conversation.

For inspiration check out our website for highlights on our 50 year history.  And make sure to connect with Amnesty International USA’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest.