Celebrate 50 Years of Human Rights History

March 3, 2011

The count down is on, and we are only 16 days until Amnesty International’s 50th Annual General Meeting and Youth Summit.

Meet us in San Francisco for an exciting weekend where you will hear from inspirational speakers, attend workshops on human rights advocacy and community organizing, and network with other Amnesty activists from all over the country.

Still thinking, “why should I attend?” Hear what some fellow Amnesty members have to say:

“I’m coming to the AGM to be inspired, to learn about the current political state of human rights and to meet like minded activists. The AGM and Youth Summit is a great place to be educated about human rights and to share ideas with fellow human rights activists you will be inspired and challenged by renowned speakers, thought provoking exercises, and informative sessions.  Best of all, you will be in the company of hundreds of like minded activists who are committed to defending human rights”.
– Mbaluka Mutinda, Texas

“I’ve never been to an AGM, so I am truly looking forward to it. I hope to learn about how humanity is dealing with human rights violations all over the world and what I can do to take part in our preservation. I also hope to take home new information and passion for this work and communicate it with fellow campus activists to make changes locally.”
– Molly McGuire, Arkansas

“I attended the AGM for the first time last year, and came away feeling reinvigorated about Amnesty and excited to bring what I learned back to my school and community.  In my experience, the AGM is the prime opportunity to network with other AI activists from across the US and to meet prominent human rights advocates from all across the world.  I learned a lot in last year’s workshops, not just about being an activist, but about being a leader, and I think this year it’s going to be even bigger and better.”
– Jillian Holzbauer, Oaklahoma

“I was able to attend the AGM last year and it definitely helped fuel me further as an activist.  It also provided me some great tools through the workshops and because of that I’m really excited to meet with other like minded youth and share ideas. It’s an event that I strongly encourage our members to come to because it will really help re-light your fire as an activist and you will walk away with great ideas, meeting great people, and creating lasting memories through the events.”
– Selena Keshav, Texas

Intrigued? There’s still time to register!