BREAKING: Abdullah al-Qahtani Again Under Imminent Threat of Execution

January 23, 2014

532069_10151342611886363_1783006419_nThere has been a horrendous, sudden spike in executions in Iraq.

Sources indicate that Abdullah al-Qahtani is once again under imminent threat of execution.

Your immediate action could spare his life.

Abdullah is one of six men who were reportedly tortured into confessing to murder and terrorism.

He was initially detained for immigration violations. Abdullah’s attorneys say they have compelling evidence of his innocence. He deserves to have his evidence heard by a court in a fair trial.

Last year, after four of his co-defendants were executed, Abdullah could have been executed at any time – but his life was spared.

The 60,000 letters sent by Amnesty activists like you likely kept him alive then. We need you to rise to Abdullah’s defense once more.

Please act fast.

38 prisoners have been put to death since Sunday. Many of their sentences were based on coerced confessions and grossly unfair trials. 12 of the executions were in secret.

The hangings come less than a week after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on Iraqi authorities to put a moratorium on executions.

This week, Iraq’s presidency’s office ratified 200 cases of people sentenced to death, paving the way for their immediate execution – and we expect executions will continue.

Please come together with Amnesty right now to stop Abdullah al-Qahtani ‘s execution. Take action with us and save his life.