50 Years of Human Rights Captured Visually

June 2, 2011

Amnesty 50 Year Timeline

Fifty years ago Amnesty International was born out of the simple idea that people should not be imprisoned for their beliefs.

To help tell our story, data visualization experts at JESS3 created a collection of five info-graphics that capture our history and some of the most urgent human rights issues of our time.

These beautifully done images are filled with staggering facts about maternal health, death penalty abolition, the wrongly imprisoned Canadian citizen Maher Arar, our “Write for Rights” campaign, and a gripping timeline of Amnesty’s work spanning the past 50 years.

Write for Rights

The info-graphics are intended to help increase awareness about urgent human rights issues as well as illustrate the monumental contribution Amnesty International has made – and the work that is yet to be done in the fight for global equality.

Today, Amnesty International is three million supporters, activists and volunteers strong, and every voice matters. Please join us today by adding your voice to our demand for dignity and human rights for all.