5 Moments We Brought Human Rights Home at Our #Amnesty2014 Conference

April 6, 2014

What a weekend! We just wrapped up our 2014 Human Rights Conference in Chicago.

It was one of the largest annual conferences in Amnesty USA’s history, we had an amazing time and we wanted to share 5 highlights with you:

1. Special Guests – And Our Members’ Amazing Reactions!

Screenshot_2014-04-06-14-03-23 Screenshot_2014-04-06-14-03-56

2. Steven Hawkins Announcing a Worldwide Campaign to End Gun Violence


3. Marching On Daley Plaza to Demand Justice for Survivors of Chicago Police Torture!


4. Chicago Declaring “Amnesty International Day”


5. Unveiling Our 10-Point Chicago Human Rights Agenda

10013268_10151978795426363_237099945_nThese were all powerful moments. But powerful moments are only impactful when they are part of a larger movement.

The purpose of our Human Rights Conference is to inspire and connect activists, give them the tools they need and help make change happen.

The conference may be over, but our commitment is unwavering and our movement to bring human rights home, in Chicago and around the world, has only just begun.

Thank you to all of our activists who made the 2014 Human Rights Conference the place to be this weekend. You are our power.