4 Ways You Can Help Stop The Arming Of Tyrants

June 19, 2012

guns have fewer trade regulations than bananasIt’s easier to trade weapons around the world than it is to trade bananas.

No, you didn’t just read that wrong.  It’s really easier to trade guns and bullets than bananas.

This fact, as absurd as it is, shows how easy it is for brutal dictators and armed groups to buy weapons and use them against civilians.  This weapons free-for-all policy is so bad that every minute, someone dies from armed violence.

World leaders are meeting to negotiate the first ever arms trade treaty in July.  We’ve got just one shot to get it right, so please join us to demand a strong arms trade treaty (without loopholes!) that protects human rights.

A bulletproof arms trade treaty would establish strict rules for the international transfer of arms, and hold irresponsible arms suppliers and dealers to account.

Here are four ways you can help:

1. Sign and share the petition!

2. Share one of our powerful images or infographics on your social networks

3. Go bananas with us in Times Square on June 27th or help make sure our event makes the biggest splash by supporting the event.

4. Join our Killer Facts webinar on June 19th to learn more about the issues and how you can take action on the ground.

We’ve only got a few weeks left but together we can make a difference!

arms trade image child soldier