Innovate, create, and take bold action for human rights on your campus.

Amnesty International USA student groups across the country are organizing for human rights. As we return to campuses this fall, young people across the country kick off their year with Amnesty by taking their activism to the next level – ActivismX. This campus competition is a chance for students to take actions with high impact for AIUSA’s two priority campaigns to end gun violence and free people from ICE detention, as well as respond to the urgent need to welcome and support Afghan refugees arriving in the U.S. 

ActivismX is a way to bring your creativity to life! The project will take place in high schools and colleges nationwide from September 20 through October 8 and kicks off with AIUSA’s Lobby Week September 20-24. Whether you’re on campus or running your Amnesty group virtually, we support you in kicking off your year with action!

How it works

With support from statewide student organizers and staff, AIUSA student groups plan actions that help advance AIUSA’s priority campaigns. Review the campaign information below with your group and plan your actions virtually or in person, on your campus or in your community. You can choose to work on both campaigns, or just one or the other. 

How to participate

Ready to dive into action? Request materials here and download your resources below. Use the toolkit and other resources to plan and carry out your actions and events. No action is too small! Once you’ve completed your actions, make sure to submit a summary including links to social media posts, pictures, videos, or any other supporting materials. 

When to take action

ActivismX runs from September 20 – October 8, 2021! To be considered for prizes and recognition, you will take your actions and post on social in these weeks. 

What resources are available

Use the ActivismX toolkit to plan your actions! Groups can request an ActivismX box with materials and swag to inspire and support your action-taking (request by September 26!). Experienced staff members and statewide student organizers are available for guidance, direction, and support, or just to brainstorm and think through ideas with you. For groups taking part in Lobby Week September 20-24, you’ll receive special training on lobbying, including an Issue Briefing on the topics you’ll lobby on. We strongly encourage all groups to join the #amnesty-in-action channel in the AIUSA Youth Slack to share ideas and tips! Contact [email protected] if you aren’t yet using Slack for your Amnesty work.

All groups that report out on their actions by October 15 will be considered for a number of prizes and recognitions. No action is too small – projects will be assessed based on creativity, effectiveness, number of actions taken, and other factors. We encourage you to partner with like-minded organizations and to use both social and traditional media to amplify your message. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]