Innovate, create, and take bold action for human rights on your campus.

From September 19 – October 7, Amnesty International USA student groups across the country are organizing for human rights. This three-week initiative brings together Amnesty student activists all taking action on the same issues, at the same time.

ActivismX is a perfect back-to-school activity to get your campus active for human rights! You’ll have the opportunity to introduce Amnesty to your peers, and showcase the priority issues AIUSA is working on this year. Your creative actions are also a great way to gain attention for your group and bring in new members!

How it works

Whether your group is just getting started or is already well-established on your campus, ActivismX is a way to introduce Amnesty’s priority human rights issues to your campus and recruit people into your group by showcasing just how powerful collective action can be! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up below, and you’ll be linked to a list of resources.
  2. Review the resources with your group and choose the issues you want to focus on, choosing from Abortion Rights, Banned Books Week, End Gun Violence, Refugee & Migrant Rights, and the Ukraine Crisis. Many groups will focus on several different issues (one every week?), while others will plan multiple actions on the same human rights issue.
  3. Plan the actions your group will take to help advance Amnesty’s goals on each issue. All groups will be working from this same list of issue areas, which amplifies our message to the decision-makers with the authority to do something about these human rights abuses! The resources will guide your group with the specific petition to use, talking points, and other guidance. Your job is to raise awareness about the issue on your campus, and inspire your peers to do something about it. You might do this through a social media campaign, film screening, art exhibit, featured speaker, or a million other creative ways! There are tons of ideas in the resources.
  4. Carry out your actions!
  5. Report out so we know who focused on which areas, and to help us in giving recognition and prizes.

When to take action

ActivismX runs from September 19 – October 7. Keep in mind that Banned Books Week runs during the first week of ActivismX, so if you’re working on that area you should plan those actions during that week.


Experienced staff members and statewide student organizers are available for guidance, direction, and support, or just to brainstorm and think through ideas with you. We strongly encourage all groups to join the #amnesty-in-action and #running-your-group channels in the AIUSA Youth Slack to share ideas and ask questions! Contact [email protected] if you aren’t yet using Slack for your Amnesty work and we’ll get you plugged in.

All groups that report out on their actions by October 16 will be considered for a number of prizes and recognitions. No action is too small – projects will be assessed based on creativity, effectiveness, number of actions taken, and other factors. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]