Innovate, create, and take bold action for human rights on your campus.

Amnesty International USA student groups and human rights activists across the country are organizing for human rights. AIUSA continues to work to protect human rights in the time of COVID-19, which remains a human rights crisis on an unprecedented scale. It’s affecting everyone, but some are hit much harder than others. Amnesty’s new RightsNow! Campaign is not just about surviving this pandemic. We must create a new future where all of us can live in dignity and thrive.

Every year as students return to campus, AIUSA chapters kick off the school year with creative actions as part of ActivismX. This call to action runs for four weeks from September 7 – October 2. Whether you’re on campus or running your Amnesty group virtually, we support you in kicking off your year with action!




Projects will be focused on the AIUSA RightsNow! campaign, with specific focus on ending gun violence and freeing people from ICE detention. Review the campaign with your group, choose a focus area, and plan an action virtually or in person, on your campus or in your community.

All groups that report out on their action by October 10 will be considered for a number of prizes and recognitions. No action is too small – projects will be assessed based on creativity, effectiveness, number of actions taken, and other factors. We encourage you to partner with like-minded organizations and to use both social and traditional media to amplify your message.

Tell us about your action here! If you have any questions, contact [email protected]


URGENT: Children seeking asylum in the U.S. are being denied their human rights based on their nationality — help ensure that all girls and boys fleeing violence can seek safety.