We work to protect people wherever justice is denied.

Our fight for human rights relies on a three-tiered strategy


Our crisis response teams and researchers travel to affected areas around the world to uncover and document human rights abuses

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Our staff and volunteers meet with policymakers and rally activists to put pressure on state and federal governments to protect human rights

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Our campaign teams educate the public and give our members and grassroots activists information and tools to demand that human rights be protected

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We are more powerful together than apart

Keep hope alive for refugees & asylum-seekers

Anyone fleeing danger or conflict should be given protection without discrimination. Help us support people seeking safety everywhere.

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End gun violence

Join the movement for gun control across the United States so that everyone can live free from fear of gun violence.

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Protect individuals at risk

Use your voice to help us campaign for the freedom of wrongfully detained human rights activists around the world.

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We need you as part of the movement to build a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

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Our work relies on resources to help us send researchers to crisis zones and organize domestic and international pressure to free human rights defenders in prison around the world.

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