Write for Rights Resources

Thank you for joining Write for Rights, the world's largest letter-writing event. You are part of a global initiative that will generate a massive outpouring of letters and cards to protect the human rights of people at risk.

Participation Tools:

•  Write for Rights Toolkit - key information on how to participate as an individual or as the host of a Write for Rights event

•  Event Hosting Checklist - a helpful guide to make sure you have everything you need for a successful event

•  Media Guide - contains talking points, sample media advisory, and sample letters-to-the-editor

Action Materials:

•  Case sheets - descriptions of each case and addresses for your letters

•  Sample letters - use as is or as guides for your own personally composed letters

Youth Resources:

•  Kids Casesheet - Download the case sheet for Nabi Saleh has been specifically crafted with youth in mind.

•  Classroom Guide - This resource will help students develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the language of discussion, exposition, persuasive writing, argument and opinion.

•  UDHR School Presentation - This resource is great for helping explain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to kids.