Prisoners at al-Qatta al-Gadeed Prison tell their story

February 25, 2011

Prisoners at al-Qatta al-Gadeed Prison tell their story

Since rioting broke out on 28 January 2011, the safety of hundreds of prisoners in al-Qatta al-Gadeed Prison north of Cairo, has been at risk.

The unrest began on 28 January when al-Qatta al-Gadeed prisoners heard that prisoners had broken out or been freed from other prisons in Egypt and demanded that the prison authorities should also release them The authorities refused and there was then rioting in the prison. In response, prison guards are alleged to have used tear gas against prisoners and excessive force, including lethal force using live ammunition.

This footage (filmed on a mobile phone) shows a man who was shot by a pellet bullet in the back. He said he and others were shot at just to force them into the wings.

Footage handed to an Amnesty International Researcher in Egypt who writes '..two videos delivered to me by a brother of one of the prisoners at al-Qatta al-Gadeed Prison. The prisoner, Hazem, recorded the videos with his cell phone and gave the memory card to his brother.'

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