National Youth Action Committee

National Youth Action Committee

About NYAC

The National Youth Action Committee (NYAC) envisions a powerful, inspiring and sustainable grassroots youth movement working through an intersectional framework to advance human rights both at home and abroad. NYAC consists of one Regional Representative from each of the five AIUSA regions: West, Mid­Atlantic, South, Midwest and Northeast. NAYC representatives work on both their delegated regional level and the national level on youth leadership development and youth engagement. Check out your 2015-2016 National Youth Action Committee Members!

NYAC Coordinators


Jessica Wehby is based in West Michigan and she began her journey as an activist fighting against the death penalty with Troy Davis's case. She has been part of Amnesty International USA for four years as a member and group coordinator at Grand Valley State University (where she received her BA in Women & Gender Studies in April 2014), a member of the Grand Rapids local group, member of the Annual General Meeting Planning Committee (2012, Denver and 2014, Chicago), and as midwestern representative to the National Youth Action Committee. She's passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, women's issues and abolishing the death penalty. Jessica makes a living working in a Crisis Response Unit for those in acute mental heath crises and can be found spending her free time listening to Broadway show tunes, working on completing the items on her extensive Bucket List, and sharing her wealth of Harry Potter knowledge with those around her.



Molly Goldberg is a 5-year Amnesty International USA activist born and raised in Detroit. She's currently living and studying in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Molly has been the group leader of Colorado Mountain College and a Student Activist Coordinator since 2009. Since then, she has worked with student groups to become sustainable, empowered youth activists, and build leadership opportunities. In 2013, Molly was awarded Student Activist Coordinator of the Year, helped develop the Student Group Starter Kit, and recruited new membership. In addition to her activism, she worked as a campaign manager for a Colorado State Representative in 2013. Molly is passionate about abolishing the death penalty, immigrant issues, gun violence, and environmental justice. She's finishing her Bachelor's in Sustainability and wants to pursue a graduate degree in international relations with an emphasis on human rights.



Mara Domider is currently a senior at Arcadia University, outside of Philadelphia, majoring in International Studies with a focus in global public health and human rights. She is passionate about working with those who believe that everyone should have universal rights and who want to uplift the voice of those who are oppressed. She has been a part of Amnesty International USA since high school and became more involved towards the end of her internship with the organization in the spring of 2014. Mara is an active member at her university's chapter, a Student Activist Coordinator (SAC) for Pennsylvania, and the Mid- Atlantic Region's National Youth Action Committee (NYAC) Rep.



Kendrick Perkins was raised by a family of strong Black women and was taught at an early age that: "Above all other things, always do what is right." As southern representative of the National Youth Action Committee with Amnesty International USA, he supports youth activists in Texas and across the South. Kendrick's journey into activism started while growing up in Huntsville, Texas where prison incarceration is ubiquitous. Inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter grassroots movement in response to the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown, he focuses his activist endeavors on combating systemic racism and police brutality. Through education and awareness, Kendrick hopes to empower other youth like him to actively engage in social justice activism to bring about the change we want to see in the world. Kendrick holds a BA degree in Art History and Spanish from Stephen F. Austin Sate University and is currently pursing teaching.



Gerry Carolina Rivadeneira was born in Ibarra, Ecuador and migrated to Miami at the age of 7. She is a Posse Scholar and a junior at Mount Holyoke College, where she majors in Political Science and minors in Law, Public Policy and Human Rights. She learned about Amnesty International USA in high school and joined the leadership team in 2012 as the Student Activist Coordinator for Western Massachusetts. She has worked with 'Strong Women, Strong Girls' to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls, and with 'The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts' to help advance social change philanthropy to create economic and social equality for women. She's currently a National Youth Action Committee representative for the northeast and has organized events like small regional meetings and a delegation of students that joined AIUSA's contingency participating in a weekend of resistance in Ferguson, MO to stand in solidarity with the people in their struggle for justice, accountability, and human rights.