USA: Still failing human rights in the name of global

January 20, 2010

USA: Still failing human rights in the name of global

14 Memorandum re: Humane treatment of al Qaeda and Taliban detainees. President George W. Bush, 7 February 2002.

15 Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, New York, 3 December 2009:

16 In April 2009, the US State Department issued a statement of “US human rights commitments and pledges” which, among other things, stated that the USA was “committed to meeting its UN treaty obligations”. Available at

17 See: Missing from the US ‘human rights agenda’: accountability and remedy for ‘war on terror’ abuses, 20 January 2010,

18 And indeed, not every obligation under the ICCPR is open to derogation, not every threat to a nation’s security permits derogations to be made, and any derogations must meet tests of strict necessity. See Human Rights Committee General Comment no 29.

19 USA: President Obama defends Guantánamo closure, but endorses ‘war’ paradigm and indefinite preventive detention, 22 May 2009,