Serbia urged to stop forced evictions of Roma

April 6, 2011

Serbia urged to stop forced evictions of Roma

  • Stop all forced evictions, and guarantee that infrastructure projects do not result in any further forced evictions;
  • Ensure that the eviction of the Belvil settlement, and any further evictions in Belgrade are carried out according to international standards, as reflected in the UN Basic Principles and guidelines on Development-Based Evictions;
  • Ensure evicted Roma access to effective legal remedies including compensation and adequate alternative accommodation;
  • Establish a legal framework to prohibit forced evictions and ensure that any further resettlements by the City of Belgrade do not constitute forced evictions.

Roma are documented as living in Serbia from at least the 14th century. According to government estimates, their number is between 250,000 and 500,000. The majority of Roma suffer widespread and systematic discrimination in Serbia.

This report is based on research carried out by Amnesty International in Serbia between 2010 and 2011, including interviews with Roma affected by forced evictions in Belgrade; Serbian Roma and non-Roma non governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals working to protect the rights of Roma; government and municipal officials; international NGOs and others.

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