Annual Report: Slovakia 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Slovakia 2010

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  • In September, the Supreme Court confirmed the sentences of six former police officers who were convicted of ill-treatment and the unlawful death of Karol Sendrei, a 51-year-old Romani man who died in police custody in 2001. The two officers principally responsible were sentenced to eight and a half years' imprisonment.
  • Seven police officers were accused of ill-treating six Romani boys in Košice police station in April, after a newspaper published graphic video footage of the abuse. In May, the General Prosecutor informed Amnesty International that racial motivation would be considered.

Counter-terror and security


In December, Mustafa Labsi, an Algerian national, escaped from the camp for asylum-seekers in the village of Rohovce. He was detained in Austria, where he was still held at the end of the year pending his return to Slovakia. Mustafa Labsi had been convicted in his absence in Algeria of crimes of terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment. Algeria requested his extradition in 2007. In 2008 the Constitutional Court in Slovakia had ruled that he could not be deported to Algeria where he faced serious human rights violations, including torture and other ill-treatment.

In October the regional court in Bratislava upheld a decision by the Migration Office to reject Mustafa Labsi's application for asylum. In December, his lawyer appealed against the judgement to the Supreme Court.

Right to health

Reproductive rights

In June, parliament adopted an Amendment to the Law on Health Care and Health Care Services, introducing a 48-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion on request. This breaches WHO guidelines which state that waiting periods unnecessarily delay care and decrease safety. The Amendment also stipulated that personal data such as identity numbers should be collected to record the women seeking abortions.

Amnesty International visit/reports

Amnesty International delegates visited Slovakia in September.

Slovakia: Joint open letter regarding case of police abuse of Romani boys (21 April 2009)
Slovakia: Roma children still lose out - segregation persists in Slovak schools despite new law
Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcome on Slovakia: Amnesty International urges enhanced protection of the human rights of Roma (25 September 2009)