Annual Report: Saudi Arabia 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Saudi Arabia 2010

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  • Twenty-eight Eritreans continued to be restricted to a camp near Jizan city; they were believed to have been there since 2005. Cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments Sentences of flogging continued to be passed and implemented. Some people convicted of theft were sentenced to have their hands amputated.
  • On 25 March, a court in Makkah sentenced a man to 15 years in jail and 40,000 lashes for the attempted rape and manslaughter of a young woman; she was killed by a truck when she ran into a road to escape from him.
  • On 24 July, the right hand of Hasan bin Ayyash Ahmed Sagheer, a Yemeni national convicted of theft, was amputated.
  • On 28 September, around 20 teenagers were flogged in public in Khobar and Dammam, each receiving at least 30 lashes, following a riot in Khobar the previous week.

Death penalty

The death penalty continued to be used extensively. Unlike previous years, no one was known to have been executed solely for drugs offences. Defendants facing capital charges received grossly unfair trials, including denial of legal representation and conviction solely on the basis of "confessions" allegedly extracted using torture.

At least 69 people were executed and 141 remained on death row, although the latter figure was believed to be much higher. Among those executed were two women, two juvenile offenders and 19 foreign nationals.

  • On 10 May, two juvenile offenders - Sultan bin Sulayman bin Muslim al-Muwallad, a Saudi Arabian, and 'Issa bin Muhammad 'Umar Muhammad, a Chadian - were among five men beheaded in Madina after grossly unfair trials. They were convicted of crimes allegedly committed when they were aged 17, including the abduction and rape of children.

Amnesty International visits/reports

The authorities continued to deny Amnesty International access to Saudi Arabia to investigate human rights.

Saudi Arabia: Assaulting human rights in the name of counterterrorism (22 July 2009)
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