Annual Report: Mongolia 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Mongolia 2010

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The State Registration General Agency officially recognized the LGBT Centre in December. The Agency had previously rejected the application for recognition stating that it conflicted with "Mongolia's traditions and customs" and had the potential "to set the wrong example for youth and adolescents".

Torture and other ill-treatment

Torture and other ill-treatment were common in police stations and pre-trial detention centres. Detention conditions were poor and overcrowding was routine.

The Special Investigation Unit of the State General Prosecutor's Office charged with investigating allegations of torture by officials has a staff of 24 to cover the entire country.

Amnesty International visit/report

Amnesty International delegates visited Mongolia in July.

Where should I go from here? The legacy of the 1 July 2008 riot in Mongolia (18 December 2009)