Annual Report: Kenya 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Kenya 2010

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Amnesty International visits/reports

Amnesty International delegates visited Kenya in February, March, June, September and November. In June, Amnesty International's Secretary General led an Amnesty International high-level mission to Kenya.

Kenyan authorities cannot wait for the International Criminal Court to end impunity for crimes(16 February 2009)
Kenya: The unseen majority – Nairobi's two million slum-dwellers (12 June 2009)
How the other half lives: Nairobi's slum-dwellers (12 June 2009)
Kenya: Statement on the conclusion of the mission led by Amnesty International's Secretary General (16 June 2009)
Kenya: Amnesty International calls for immediate investigation into execution-style killings of human rights activists (6 March 2009)