Annual Report: Chile 2013

May 23, 2013

Annual Report: Chile 2013

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  • In July, several members of the Mapuche Temucuicui community, including children, were injured after police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to evict them from land they had occupied in Ercilla, Araucanía region, as part of their campaign for the return of their traditional territory.
  • In October, four Mapuche imprisoned in Angol prison called off their 60-day hunger strike after the Supreme Court granted a new trial for one of the men and imposed lesser charges on one other; his sentence was subsequently reduced from 10 years to prison to three years in parole. Both men had been initially convicted of the attempted murder of a policeman in 2011.
  • In August, a military court acquitted a policeman of the murder of Jaime Mendoza Collio, a 24-year-old Mapuche, in 2009. There were concerns about the impartiality of investigations into this case and about the use of military courts to deal with crimes committed by members of the police and military against civilians.

Sexual and reproductive rights

Abortion remained a criminal offence in all circumstances. In October, the CEDAW Committee called on Chile to review its legislation and to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape, incest or threats to the health or life of the woman.

Amnesty International visits/reports

  • Chile: Carta abierta al Presidente de la República de Chile al cumplir dos años de su mandato (AMR 22/001/2012)