Annual Report: Albania 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Albania 2010

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  • In February the Ombudsperson concluded that the physical conditions at Burrel prison were irredeemably bad, and recommended its closure.
  • In May Prison 302 and the women’s remand section of Tirana Prison 313 were found to be infested with vermin.

Right to adequate housing

Under Albanian law, registered orphans up to the age of 30 are among the vulnerable groups to be prioritized when social housing is allocated. However, the law was not implemented. Over 200 adults who were orphaned as children, including those who completed their secondary education in June, continued to share rooms in often dilapidated and insanitary sections of school dormitories. Very few earned enough to rent private accommodation. In the face of a huge demand for social housing, such programmes were limited, and the income criteria for eligibility were set too high for this group. In November President Topi called for a review of legislation to provide better care for orphans under 18 years and to secure them housing and employment as adults. However, by the end of the year their situation had not improved.

Three new prisons were opened but overcrowding persisted; the national prison population in November stood at 4,666 – some 900 people above capacity. In June, the Ombudsperson concluded that the conditions of up to 120 detainees held in remand cells in the basement of Korça district police station amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment. The station had capacity for only 40 detainees.

Amnesty International visit/report

Amnesty International delegates visited Albania in June.

Albania: Promises to orphans should be a serious commitment (15 May 2009)