Upcoming Scheduled Executions in the U.S.

All scheduled execution dates cited are tentative. A number of circumstances exist that can change the date.

To write a letter to stop any of the scheduled executions, please use this directory of government officials to direct your letters.

Updated March 31, 2015

Scheduled Name State
5/14/2015 Gregory Lott Ohio
6/23/2015 Charles Wright Tennessee
7/15/2015 William Henness Ohio
9/17/2015 William Montgomery Ohio
11/17/2015 Robert Van Hook Ohio
1/21/2016 Jeffery Wogenstahl Ohio
3/23/2016 Alva Campbell Ohio


U.S. Executions Updates
The FDA has allowed unapproved drugs into the U.S. for use in executions; a judge has ordered the it to stop ignoring the law and recover the illegal drugs.
Press Release
Arkansas executed Ledell Lee today, the first of four prisoners scheduled to be executed before the state’s supply of lethal injections expires at the end of the month.

On 20 April, the Governor of Virginia commuted the death sentence of Ivan Teleguz, a Ukrainian national who was scheduled to be executed on 25 April and who has continued to maintain his innocence....


International protection of human rights is in danger of unravelling as short-term national self-interest and draconian security crackdowns have led to a wholesale assault on basic freedoms and rig...