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Press Release
December 17, 2015

The international community must take urgent steps to address the political crisis in Burundi and restore full respect for human rights as the country moves dangerously to the brink of civil war, s...

Press Release
December 10, 2015

The UN Security Council must send an unequivocal message to the North Korean authorities to end the systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations that continue to be committed in the cou...

Press Release
November 27, 2015

The concerted campaign of political interference by the Kenyan government with the judicial independence of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Assembly of State Parties this week is a sh...

Press Release
November 17, 2015

States must reject proposals that may interfere with or undermine the independence of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and take concrete measures to strengthen its ability to deliver justice...

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