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Press Release
October 2, 2013
Turkish authorities committed human rights violations on a massive scale in the government’s attempts to crush the Gezi Park protests this summer.
Press Release
October 1, 2013

No ruling can erase the cruel, inhuman and degrading prison conditions he endured for more than 41 years - confined alone to a tiny cell for 23 hours a day.

Press Release
September 27, 2013

Amnesty International USA will deliver the keynote address at a special event honoring Dr. Naasson Munyandamutsa of Rwanda for his work to aid survivors of torture.

Press Release
September 25, 2013

Taking the helm of Amnesty International USA, Steven W. Hawkins said today he wants to harness the commitment and passion of young people concerned about human rights issues at home to join the glo...

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