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Press Release
December 3, 2015

People who speak out against leaders face increasing risk of punishment or prosecution, Amnesty International said today as it launched the world’s biggest human rights campaign.

Press Release
November 23, 2015

A UN Working Group has determined that the Saudi Arabian authorities have arbitrarily detained nine peaceful activists in blatant violation of international law, in an Opinion that sets out damning...

Press Release
November 19, 2015

Papuan pro-independence activist Filep Karma tasted freedom today after being unjustly jailed for more than a decade for simply raising an independence flag at a political ceremony in 2004, Amnesty...

Press Release
November 16, 2015

As President Obama arrives in Southeast Asia this week, 90 international personalities and civil society organizations worldwide have signed a letter urging the President to press for the release o...

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