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Press Release
May 17, 2012

U.S. Ambassador on Global Women’s Issues, Melanne Verveer, to Give Opening Remarks; Followed by Panel Discussion: “The Conversation NATO Should Have About Afghan Women’s Rights”

Press Release
January 24, 2012

Most of the biggest Egyptian political parties have committed to delivering ambitious human rights reforms in the country's transition, but are giving mixed signals or flatly refusing to end discri...

Press Release
September 26, 2011

Granting women in Saudi Arabia the right to vote is a welcome step, Amnesty International said today, but authorities must take the much larger step toward dismantling the entire system in place...

Press Release
September 22, 2011

The first fines issued in France today against two Muslim women wearing full-face veils in public are a violation of their rights to freedom of expression and religion, Amnesty International said t...

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