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Press Release
February 27, 2013

In response to today’s House briefing against the Arms Trade Treaty by Rep. Mike Kelly, Amnesty International USA issued the following comment from Michelle Ringuette, chief of campaigns and progra...

Press Release
February 26, 2013

A coalition of 36 nongovernmental organizations pressed President Obama today to provide the support necessary to conclude an effective Arms Trade Treaty.

Press Release
February 25, 2013

Every minute, at least one person dies as a result of armed violence and conflict while the global arms trade remains unregulated. On March 5-7 – just weeks before crucial talks begin at the United...

Press Release
February 20, 2013

The United States, China, European Union states, and other arms-exporting countries must ensure that any deals brokered at an international arms fair in Abu Dhabi this week do not result in weapons...

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