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July 17, 2014

The US government’s callous and dehumanizing practice of holding prisoners in prolonged solitary confinement in the country’s only federal super-maximum security prison amounts to cruel, inhuman or...

July 16, 2014

A new Amnesty International report, "Entombed: Isolation in the US Federal Prison System," reveals the severity of conditions that prisoners face in the United States Penitentiary, Administrative...

July 10, 2014
The Ethiopian authorities must halt their continuing onslaught on dissent, Amnesty International said today, after the arrest of four more opposition party members this week, who are believed to be at...
July 9, 2014
Sasha, a 19-year-old pro-Ukrainian activist, was abducted by separatists at gunpoint in Luhansk and beaten repeatedly for 24 hours.

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