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Press Release
January 6, 2016

The UN’s welcome decision to investigate new allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic again highlights the need for further reform and for per...

Press Release
December 23, 2015

The Central African Republic transitional government, the United Nations, and donors should intensify their efforts to establish a Special Criminal Court, 23 Central African and international human...

Press Release
December 16, 2015

The United Nations must establish its own oversight of peacekeepers, with special watchdogs in UN missions to investigate allegations of rape and sexual abuse, said Amnesty International today, ahe...

Press Release
December 1, 2015

Two years ago, a coalition of NGOs released a statement urging a comprehensive U.S. Government strategy to help halt violence, protect civilians and prevent atrocities in the Central African Republ...

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