Donald Trump's Hate-Filled Rhetoric Must Be Rejected

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Press Release
December 7, 2015

Donald Trump's Hate-Filled Rhetoric Must Be Rejected

In response to Donald Trump's call for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States," Margaret Huang, Interim Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, issued the following statement:

"Trump's proposal caters to the worst instincts of ethnic and religious prejudice – the kind that marked the worst chapters of US history, including Japanese internment. All political figures should reject the scapegoating and fear-mongering at play here. Bigotry should not masquerade as a counter-terrorism measure.

"The recent surge in anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric by candidates has nothing to do with making Americans safer. It's about winning support by scaring the public.

"This type of hate-filled rhetoric has no place in a society committed to freedom from discrimination. Donald Trump's bigoted scapegoating of Muslims flies in the face of equality and religious freedom."