No Refugee-Bashing in My Name!

The refugee crisis is global and requires a global response. Blaming refugee for acts of terror are wrong.

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January 7, 2016

Tunisian student jailed for engaging in homosexual relations free after his sentence was reduced on appeal on 17 December.

January 4, 2016

A 24-year-old woman in Myanmar has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in connection with a Facebook post mocking the army. She is a prisoner of conscience, who must be released immediately...

December 17, 2015

Sergei Nikiforov, an Evenki indigenous people’s leader and environmental rights defender has been imprisoned for opposing a gold mining project in the Amur region, in Russia’s Far East, after an un...

December 15, 2015

Political activist and blogger Darya Poliudova is standing trial for the use of satire to criticize Russia’s policy towards Ukraine online.