Urgent Action Update: Risk of Unfair Trial for Forcibly Returned Activist (China: UA 259.15)

Urgent Action
April 3, 2017
Chinese activist Dong Guangping will be tried in April 2017 for “subverting state power” and “crossing the national border illegally”. Detained since his forcible return to China in November 2015, he has had no access to his family or a lawyer of his choice and is at risk of an unfair trial.

Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:
  • Ensure that Dong Guangping is tried in line with international fair trial standards and not for the peaceful exercise of his human rights;  
  • Ensure that while in detention Dong Guangping is not subjected to torture or other ill-treatment, has regular, unrestricted access to his family, lawyers of his choice, and medical care on request or as necessary;
  • Cease requesting other countries return individuals to China in violation of international law.
Contact these two officials by 11 May, 2017:
Director of Chongqing Municipal No.2 Detention Centre
Chongqing Shi Dier Kanshousuo
6 Shengan Lu
Fusheng Zhen
Jiangbei Qu
Chongqing Shi 401133
People’s Rebulic of China
Salutation: Dear Director

Here’s why it is so important to report your actions: we record the number and types of actions taken—letters, emails, calls and tweets--on each case and use that information in our advocacy.
Either email [email protected] with “UA 259/15” in the subject line or click this link.
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