Urgent Action Update: Indigenous Community Remains Displaced (Peru: UA 44/17)

Urgent Action
March 1, 2017

The 21 families of the Asháninka Meantari Indigenous community, in the Central Peruvian rainforest, remain displaced from their land due to fear that armed individuals will return and act on the death threats they previously made.


Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:
  • Calling for the Attorney General to instruct the Junín Special Prosecutor for Environmental Matters to identify and fully investigate those responsible for entering the Asháninka territory, the damage caused and the threats carried out;
  • Calling for immediate assistance from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence in order to safeguard the lives of the members of the Meantari community, ensure the integrity of their territory and put an end to any illegal activity which puts the community at risk;
  • Calling for the Armed Forces to guarantee that the 21 Asháninka families, which include children and women, can safely return to their land;
  • Reminding the Peruvian government of their obligation to seek a lasting solution which guarantees the rights of the Asháninka Meantari Indigenous community to land, territory and the environment.
Contact these two officials by 27 March 2017:
Minister of the Interior
Carlos Basombrío Iglesias
Plaza 30 de Agosto s/n Urb. Corpac – San Isidro – Lima, Perú
Fax: +511 418 4030
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Salutation: Dear Minister / Estimado Sr. Ministro
Ambassador Carlos Pareja, Embassy of Peru
1700 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20036
Fax: 202 659 8124
Phone: 202 833 9860
Salutation: Dear Ambassador


Here’s why it is so important to report your actions: we record the number and types of actions taken—letters, emails, calls and tweets--on each case and use that information in our advocacy. 
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