Urgent Action Update: Hundreds Of Roma Forcibly Evicted (Italy: UA 63.17)

Urgent Action
April 12, 2017
Hundreds of Roma living in the settlement of Gianturco were forcibly evicted on 7 April. Dozens of families had already left the settlement due to intensified police checks and harassment and many are feared homeless. The 200 people still present on 7 April were moved to inadequate alternative housing or rendered homeless and vulnerable to other human rights violations.
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  • Ensure that all people left homeless as a result of the 7 April forced eviction occurred in Gianturco are urgently provided with adequate alternative housing through an open and genuine consultation;
  • Urgently initiate a consultation with the Romani families in the segregated camp in Via del Riposo to develop sustainable rehousing plans which comply with international and regional human rights standards and are consistent with Italy’s National Strategy for Roma Inclusion; 
  • Ensure no further forced evictions of Roma are carried out in Naples.
Contact these two officials by 3 May 2017:


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