Urgent Action Update: Activist Arrested For "Leaking State Secrets" (China: UA 284/16)

Urgent Action
December 22, 2016
Huang Qi, founder of Sichuan-based website “64 Tianwang” (www.64tianwang.com), who has not been heard from since he was taken away on 28 November, has been formally arrested for “leaking state secrets”. He still does not have access to a lawyer.
The family of Huang Qi received a written notification from the Mianyang City Public Security Bureau on 16 December, over two weeks after he first went missing, that he was being detained at Mianyang City Detention and has been formally arrested for “leaking state secrets”. No further explanation about the allegations were provided. 
Pu Wenqing, Huang Qi’s 83-year-old mother, returned home on 16 December after having not been heard from since she was taken to a hospital in Sichuan on 30 November. The circumstances surrounding her hospital visit remain unclear, however sources confirm that she now remains under tight surveillance. 
Huang Qi, 53, was taken from his home in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, by 15 public security officers from three cities in Sichuan: Mianyang, Neijiang and Chengdu, on 28 November. 
Huang Qi’s detention has occurred amid a recent crackdown on human rights defenders in China and, without access to a lawyer of his choice, there are still fears that he could be subjected to torture or ill-treatment. Further concerns for his wellbeing have been raised as Huang Qi suffers from acute nephritis, a kidney disorder, and needs daily medication.
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  • Protected from torture and other ill-treatment while in detention, and that he is allowed, without delay, effective access to his family and a lawyer of his choice;
  • Tried in line with international fair trial standards;
  • Granted prompt, regular and unrestricted access to medical care on request or as necessary.


Contact these two officials by 2 February, 2017:
Qiao Yuejun
Mianyang City Detention Centre
Peicheng Qu, Mianyang Shi 621000
People’s Republic of China
Fax: +86 816 2377600 
Salutation: Dear Director
Ambassador Cui Tiankai
Embassy of the People's Republic of China
3505 International Place NW, Washington DC 20008
Fax: 1 202 495 2138  I  Phone: 1 202 495 2266
Salutation: Dear Ambassador
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