Stop Action! Man Returned To Sudan, Other No Longer At Risk (France: UA 262/16)

Urgent Action
December 7, 2016
One of the two Sudanese nationals at risk of being illegally returned to Sudan from France was released on 22 November and is not at immediate risk. The other man was sent back to Sudan on 2 December after his asylum application was rejected.
Sudanese nationals B.A. and I.C. were arrested on 26 October in Calais and issued with an expulsion order based on the fact they entered France irregularly and had not submitted an asylum claim.
B.A. applied for international protection in France while in detention after two appeals against his return to Sudan were rejected and after refusing to embark on a plane for Khartoum on 21 November. B.A. claims to be from conflict-affected South Kordofan, a province of Sudan. However, his asylum application was rejected on 1 December and he was sent back to Sudan on 2 December.
I.C., who comes from Darfur, was released on 20 November following a decision by the Prefect du Pas de Calais and he is not at immediate risk of being returned to Sudan.
Sudanese nationals from conflict-areas are at risk of serious human rights violations if they are returned to Sudan, including to Khartoum, the capital. Amnesty International will keep monitoring France’s apparent intention to return Sudanese nationals to Sudan with the only exception of Darfur. French authorities should conduct thorough individual assessments of the risks upon return before issuing expulsion orders, irrespectively of whether the individuals request international protection in France.
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