South Africa: Investigate the Killing of Sikhosiphi Rhadebe (UA 119/16)

Urgent Action
May 25, 2016
Sikhosiphi Rhadebe, land rights activist and chairperson of the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC), was shot dead in March. Shortly before his death he learnt that his name was on a ‘hit list’ and so were those of two other leaders of the ACC. There are concerns over how the investigation of Sikhosiphi Rhadebe’s murder is being handled and for the safety of the two ACC leaders and other anti-mining activists in Xolobeni.
1) Please write in English or your own language:
  • Urging the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation (DCPI) to thoroughly investigate the killing of Sikhosiphi Rhadebe and provide regular feed back to his family on the progress of the investigation;
  • Reminding South African authorities that as outlined in the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, all states have a duty to prevent and investigate human rights abuses against human rights defenders, including violence, threats or any other arbitrary action as a result of the legitimate exercise of their work;
  • Urging the South African police authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure that members of the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC) can carry out their legitimate work defending human rights in safety, without fear of harassment or attack, and to investigate the death threats against the ACC leadership.
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