Act Locally

A Local Group is a powerful way for people from all walks of life to come together to advocate for human rights. Local Group members organize and educate local communities to support the release of Prisoners of Conscience and other individuals at risk, and campaign to stop torture, abolish the death penalty, prevent violence against women and work on other human rights issues. Each local group expresses their activism in different ways.

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Do you know of an Amnesty International USA Local Group that did something amazing this year? Amnesty International USA's Hironaka award is your opportunity to help highlight the human rights activism of local groups. Click here to download the 2011-2012 nomination form.

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Profile: Local Group 1101

Local Group 1101 in Payson, Arizona was founded in August 2010. It has 10 active members in a small rural town with a population of 16,000. See their story here.

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You can shape Amnesty's presence in your local community. Working with members and staff organizers who are focused on building and nurturing your new group, you're bound to have success.