Take Part in the Movement

When you attend or organize an Amnesty International USA peaceful protest, vigil, meeting, training, or other event, you are taking a part in a global movement to change the world. You are bringing people together who are passionate about human rights to raise your voices, strategize, and build power to make a difference. We are a grassroots movement, so submit what you have coming up here, so that we can all see how we’re working together to end human rights violations whenever and wherever they occur.

Right now, Amnesty activists around the world are organizing and joining #NoBanNoWall peaceful protests and vigils in their communities. Help us make sure that the US government hears us by joining or organizing a protest, vigil, or hosting a space where people can make phone calls and write letters to Senators, and submit your event so it's listed on this page.

There are many different types of Amnesty events going on all across the country, so be sure to check in with your Regional Office and see what your local Amnesty International chapter groups are planning near you.

Upcoming Events

NoBan // NoWall Vigil at Brooklyn Borough Hall
April 9, 2017
Brooklyn, New York
Save the Date - New Jersey State Meeting
April 8, 2017
New Brunswick, New Jersey