South Florida Human Rights Panel

Thursday, June 21, 2012

South Florida Human Rights Panel

Amnesty International Chapter 248 and the Americorps Alums Miami Chapter are partnering to hold a panel discussion about human rights issues in Southeast Florida. The panel will address why human rights are important to us, what problems we face, and how we can work to address them. The panel members will each represent one or more issues relevant to South Florida.

Southeast Florida is ranked high in the US for income inequality, home foreclosures, and violent crime rates. It has a diverse population with half of the residents foreign born. It serves as a haven for many refugees yet is a hotspot for human trafficking. Many immigrants come to the area looking for a better way of life while migrant workers come for the job opportunities. Taking this all into consideration, it is important for people to better understand their human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes the right to proper working conditions, housing, safety, freedom from discrimination, and more.

Join us in this discussion if you are passionate about an issue here in South Florida or are curious about how to get better involved. This panel will be one of a series of events to better connect different issues in South Florida under the common cause of defending our basic human rights. More info about the speakers will be coming soon.

Event time: 7pm - 9pm

Miami Friends Meeting
1185 Sunset Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
United States