No Papers No Fear - Atlanta Welcomes Undocubus Ride for Justice on August 24th!

Friday, August 24, 2012

No Papers No Fear - Atlanta Welcomes Undocubus Ride for Justice on August 24th!

On July 28th, a group of undocumented immigrants got on a bus starting in Arizona to travel across the South and raise awareness of the devastating impact of current immigration policy that criminalizes those who have come to this country in search of a better life. The bus will arrive in Atlanta on August 24th - join us for a welcome and rally outside the Atlanta Detention Center!

Every year the Department of Homeland Security removes 400,000 people from the United States. Over the last four years, president Obama has deported over 1 million people. There is a rise of collaboration between local police and immigration agents through programs like Secure Communities. And in June, the Supreme Court gave permission to police officers in Arizona to ask people for their immigration papers, if they are suspected of being undocumented.

This bus ride, winding through key states in the southern part of the United States, is confronting power with the stories, voices, and actions of those directly affected by these immigration policies. Riders are undocumented people from all over the country, including students, mothers and fathers, children, people in deportation proceedings, day laborers, and others who continue to face deportation, harassment, and death while simply looking for a better life.

Lets welcome these brave freedom riders to Atlanta - where and join with them in the struggle for human rights and dignity.

Event time: 12 noon

Atlanta Detention Center
254 Peachtree Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
United States