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Show that you stand for death penalty abolition. Vote for the Prop 34 tomorrow!

Dear ,

This is it -- the final stretch before Election Day!

Show your support for Prop 34 in California, the initiative that will replace the death penalty, by sharing this powerful infographic with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Then get out and vote Yes on Prop 34!

We started off behind in the polls, but lately support for Prop 34 has been surging. Now, it's a dead heat! That means it will all come down voter turnout.

Which means we need YOU!

Your voice will determine whether California keeps its wasteful and error-prone death penalty, or redirects resources toward solving crimes for victims and their families.

If you've already voted, THANK YOU. Your support means a lot. But you can do more to help --please share this infographic and tell every registered voter in California you know to vote Yes on 34.

This election could produce a landmark human rights victory in California, but only if you help us get out the vote.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity; we have to seize it!

In Solidarity,

Brian Evans
Interim Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

P.S. If you haven't done so already, then please pledge to vote for Prop 34 in California. Let us know that we can count on you!

Justice without killing

Vote YES on Prop 34 and replace California’s death penalty.

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