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Saudi Arabia's secret plan to stop free expression.


Dear Supporter,

Recently, Amnesty International obtained the secret draft of a proposed anti-terrorism law in Saudi Arabia. We were stunned by its contents.

We had no choice but to alert you, our supporters, of its draconian nature.

Last Friday, we posted our analysis of this law to our international website, as well as the law itself in English and Arabic. By Saturday, that website had been blocked all across Saudi Arabia.

It seems Saudi authorities didn't want you to know that a person could be jailed for a minimum of 10 years for "questioning the integrity" of the king. They didn't want you to find out about all those peaceful activists who could be held in detention indefinitely under the vague definition of "terrorist crimes".

The Saudi Arabian government may not want you to know these awful truths, but we do!

And now that you know, please take action to stop these extreme measures from becoming law under the guise of countering terrorism!

Next month, your fellow Amnesty activists in New York will gear up for action. They will stand strong and deliver your signatures to officials at the Saudi Arabian Mission to the United Nations.

Let's flood the Saudi government with truck-loads of signatures!

First, sign our petition opposing Saudi Arabia's oppressive anti-terrorism law. Then, click on our Facebook or Twitter buttons to the right of this message to share with a friend.

The time to act is now.

At a time when peaceful protest is spreading throughout much of the region, we will not sit by quietly while authorities in Saudi Arabia take further steps to quash the right to dissent and call for change.

We've exposed Saudi Arabia's dirty little secret. Now help us see to it that authorities answer for it.

In Solidarity,

Linda Veazey
Country Specialist, Saudi Arabia
Amnesty International USA

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Under this draft law, the definition of "terrorist crimes" is so broad that legitimate dissent would, in effect, be criminalized.

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