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Demand proof that Gilad Shalit is being treated humanely!


Dear Supporter,

The last time Gilad Shalit's parents had concrete proof that their son was alive was in October 2009.

An ominous, harshly-lit video1 showed Gilad reading from a script in which he said that his captors were "taking excellent care" of him.

This past Saturday marked the fifth year since Gilad was first held in secret detention. As time passes, it's getting more difficult to believe that Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was 19 years old when he was captured by armed Palestinian groups, is being treated humanely.

We can't wait any longer -- we need proof that Gilad Shalit is being treated humanely!

We believe that Hamas, the de facto administration in the Gaza Strip, continues to hold the now 24 year-old.

Hamas must stop treating Gilad Shalit as a hostage and comply with its obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure that Gilad is:

  • Allowed to communicate with his family
  • Held in humane and dignified living conditions
  • Given immediate access to the Red Cross
But just last week, when the Red Cross (ICRC) pushed for proof that Gilad was still alive, Hamas rejected the appeal2.

This fall, Amnesty representatives will be delivering your signatures to Hamas to remind them once again that the world has not forgotten -- and will never forget --about Gilad.

Amnesty has been working on Gilad's case since 2006 and we're not going to turn our backs on him now.

We deeply believe that neither Gilad, nor the Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel, should ever be used as pawns or bargaining chips.

Any violation of international law by Israel or Hamas does not justify the mistreatment of others on the opposing side.

We must demand that Hamas stop treating Gilad Shalit as a hostage and end the suffering of Gilad's family. With your help, we can keep the light burning for Gilad Shalit during these dark days.

Please take action today.

Thank You,

Edith Garwood
Country Specialist, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Amnesty International USA



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