Pooled Income Fund

Pooled Income Fund

Your gift of cash or securities to Amnesty International's Pooled Income Fund is combined with other gifts in the fund, and you and/or your beneficiaries receive quarterly income on a prorated basis. The amount distributed varies with the fund’s investment performance. At the end of your life, the principal attributed to your gift is removed from the fund and gifted to Amnesty International. The minimum gift is $10,000 and donors must be 65 years or older to participate.


  • You receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your gift
  • You pay no capital gains tax on any appreciated assets you donate.
  • The gift benefits you now, while helping Amnesty International later.

Next Steps

Call or email AIUSA’s planned giving staff or complete the Information Request Form to find out more about our Pooled Income Fund. We will prepare a personalized illustration of benefits, provide you with a full disclosure statement, and help you complete your gift. You will be presented with a contract based on the valuation of the date of transfer. Amnesty will then begin paying you or your designated beneficiary(s) and will continue doing so for your lifetime.

AIUSA suggests that you consult your attorney or other financial advisor before proceeding with your gift.