Historic Collaborations and Projects with Artists

Historic Collaborations and Projects with Artists

Amnesty International began its work 54 years ago to release those imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their beliefs or opinions and, fittingly, one of its first "prisoners of conscience" was the poet Agostinho Neto, who would eventually become the first president of Angola.

Even though artists have always been a part of Amnesty's work, Art for Amnesty was officially founded in 2002 as the organization's global artist engagement program. The goal was then, and will always be, to bring together international artists of all disciplines to provide creative support and influence human rights all over the world. Artists have a unique power to bring people together and to promote change. More than ever before, we need creative ways to acknowledge these human stories, to stand with human rights defenders the world over to tell the world the truth.

Over the coming years, Art for Amnesty will evolve and strengthenits artist engagement program and ensure that artists of all disciplines will add their voice and creativity to the human rights cause. Art for Amnesty will always be an integral part of the organization's campaigning, communications and fundraising efforts and aims to facilitate, foster and encourage artist engagement, and creativity.

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